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February 2017

Busy as a Bee 🐝

Another weekend been and gone with not a lot to report hence, no blog post. Leo was feeling slightly under the weather with his teethies and I shall spare you the details of the joyful nappies and the restless nights.... Continue Reading →


Stormy Days

It's fair to say that since returning from our little break at the weekend, I've been feeling a little "under the weather". In an attempt to cheer myself and Leo up, we went on a trip to see Auntie Skye... Continue Reading →

Thank You Daddy

It's easy to forget about all the Daddy's out there when raising children. So Leo wanted to tell his Daddy how much he loves and appreciates him (with some help from Mummy of course). Thank You Daddy Thank you Daddy,... Continue Reading →

Weekend Escape

With the weekend looming I decided we were in much need of a wee family break to just chill out and enjoy each others company. So Thursday evening, I booked a VERY last minute holiday (I mean literally the next day) for us... Continue Reading →

Feeding the Duckies

Leo and I woke up this morning to the sunshine through our windows *starts singing*. It appeared today was going to be one of those rare warm winters days and I knew we needed to get out the house for... Continue Reading →


Since the birth of my son, Leo, I have become what some might call an OCD Mum. I obsess over silly little things that I would never have even worried about before. I'd like to think it's just a mild... Continue Reading →

What a day…

Last night, my sister came for a sleepover as she is now on half term break and was desperate to see her little nephew. When we got home, Leo was shocked to see his Mummy and his Auntie standing at... Continue Reading →

Movie Day

And by movie day...I mean the cinema! Yes, today we went on a little adventure. Leo took his first ever trip to the cinema. Mummy was feeling brave. Not because she hates the cinema, but because she knew how long... Continue Reading →


First things first, I apologise for the slightly scary photo of us in our swimwear...we were happy honest! Swimming is something I have loved doing since I was a little girl (which still doesn't feel that long ago). Growing up... Continue Reading →

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