Last night, my sister came for a sleepover as she is now on half term break and was desperate to see her little nephew. When we got home, Leo was shocked to see his Mummy and his Auntie standing at the front door. It took him a minute to register us both but soon came bounding down the hallway like an excitable puppy. He gave us both a great big hug then insisted we both sit on the floor and draw a picture with him.

Daddy had prepared dinner for us all so we sat and munched away until it was all gone. Leo was given a little chocolate bar from his Granny whilst I was at the house picking up Auntie Skye, which he devoured for his pudding in seconds. He was still terribly excited that Auntie Skye was over so they sat and played for ages after dinner.


As the evening went on, it was soon time for bed. It took Leo a little longer to settle down but he eventually crashed and was sound asleep by 8.00pm. The rest of us sat down to a tasty lemon cheesecake (courtesy of Lidls because when do I get the time to make a cheesecake) and watched a movie. After a days work, we were all knackered and sat yawning by 9.30pm so decided to call it a night.

After a restless nights sleep, the toddler alarm (a.k.a. Leo) made its final call at 6.45am which queued Daddy to get up and ready for work. He was brushing his teeth in the bathroom when the shouting from Leo’s room got louder and louder. I debated getting up to see to him but just couldn’t quite bring myself to physically move. Luckily for me, Daddy went through to his room, scooped him up and carried him downstairs for milk and breakfast.

I was woken again half an hour later by George, telling me he had to leave in ten minutes and I needed to get up. So I did…unwillingly. I went downstairs to find a smiley Leo sat colouring (that makes a change). We were expecting our friends, Shelley and Zoe, over around 10.30am so I knew we had a bit of time to get ourselves ready. I asked Leo if he knew where Auntie Skye was and he darted for the stairs. We ran up the stairs and flew through Skye’s door to attack her with some good morning cuddles (she loves them really).

We all got ourselves washed and dressed but Leo and I beat Auntie Skye downstairs for breakfast. I got the bowls and spoons out ready whilst Leo sat playing in the living room….or at least that’s what I thought he was doing! Once I’d made my breakfast, I brought it through to the living room only to find Leo sat by the PlayStation with three DVD cases sat empty on the floor. I asked him where the discs had gone and he pointed to the machine where I could see the tiniest part of a shiny disc poking out the disc slot. Ohhhh nooooo he didn’t!

After a telling off and an attempt to rescue the dvds from the machine, I figured it’d be best to leave it for Daddy to deal with later. I tried to keep my calm with Leo this morning but I swear he was going out of his way to annoy his Mummy by doing everything he knows he’s not allowed to do. Thank goodness it was nearly time for our friends to arrive.

Whenever Leo and Zoe meet, there is always a few minutes of shyness and cowering away before they get used to each other. Usually they will play away together quite happily, but today Leo was in a mood. Yep, one grumpy little boy kept whining about everything when they weren’t going his way…until he was given a biscuit.


With a little bit of fuel in him, he started to join in with the play and was showing Zoe the birdies in the garden, the fishes and some of his toys. Then they charged about in the hallway, playing peekaboo behind the door, giggling away at Auntie Skye.


It was nearly lunchtime so Shelley and Zoe made their way back home leaving us to make a scrummy lunch. We were in the mood for eggs, so made cheesy scrambled eggs on toast…Leo even helped (although he mostly ate the cheese before it got to the egg mix).


After lunch, we all sat back and snuggled up on the sofa with the tv on. I was looking at something on my phone when I heard a faint snore. I looked down and Leo had drifted off to the land of nod in my arms! That never happens, so I knew he must have been worn out. I said to Skye that I was just going to put Leo down in his bed then I was going to make a start on dinner. So I did, Thai red curry was soon on the go and I was about to make a pudding when I thought I’d best go and see if Skye would like to help me. I walked into the living room and was about to open my mouth to talk when I looked over at the sofa to see Skye too, had fallen asleep! (Wow, that play date must have really tired them out).

I spent the next couple hours in the kitchen making pudding, a soup and tidying up a little. I had to make an alternative dinner for Skye since I found out she doesn’t like Thai curry, so I made a tomato and pancetta soup which is one of her favourites (I’m too good to her). Then I was planning on making a peach cobbler from a recipe in Leo’s toddler meal book, but I didn’t have enough peaches. So I improvised and chucked in a few other fruits; apple, blackberries and raspberries.


When Skye and Leo woke up around 3pm, they sat and played with Leo’s cars and toys until it was dinner time. And boy, oh boy was it tasty! I have never seen Leo eat a dinner so quickly. I thought the curry may have been a little spicy for him but clearly not; he couldn’t get enough of it. As for the mixed fruit cobbler…delicious! I’m sure we all could have scoffed some more.

After dinner, Daddy and Leo thought it would be funny to bundle on top of Mummy and tickle her whilst Auntie Skye sat back and watched. Although it wasn’t a very pleasant experience right after I’d stuffed my gut, the smile on Leo’s face made it worth while. Auntie Skye and Mummy then took Leo for a bath which got a little out of hand. Let’s just say Skye looked like she was entering a wet t-shirt competition, whilst I looked like I had been crying hysterically with mascara running down my face.

Once Leo had finished splashing about, I took him downstairs to dry him off and put his pjs on. I may have delayed the nappy putting on palava for a little too long and ended up with a piss patch on my jeans. Delectable.


I hope you have all had a wonderful day and that it’s not ended in a wet patch (if it has, I don’t want to know)!

Much love,

(a now clean) Mummy Hazel & My Little Leo xxx