Leo and I woke up this morning to the sunshine through our windows *starts singing*. It appeared today was going to be one of those rare warm winters days and I knew we needed to get out the house for some fresh air. So we called Auntie Skye to find out what she was up to for the day and she said she was free.

Leo and I got ourselves ready and within an hour we had arrived in Dorchester. Skye was finishing off making some tasty biscuits so Leo decided to run riot around the house and get in her way as best he could before darting off upstairs to wake his Uncle Noel. He charged about upstairs running in to every room with a door shut before he settled in his Granny and Poppas bed!


Of course he couldn’t stay there all day so we donned our shoes and coats and went out for a walk in the fresh air. We braved it and didn’t even take the pram!!! Skye and I figured that between us, we could carry Leo for a while if he started to tire. Off we headed to the river on a hunt for some duckies. (Yes I know the plural for duck is ducks, but duckies sounds so much more fun.)

We started our walk heading towards the town centre where we took the path under all the giant trees which Leo found highly fascinating. So much so that he had to stop and touch every single one on the way. Not only that but if we passed a drain on the pavement, Leo had to stop and stomp on it a few times before continuing to the next one.

We turned a corner and headed down a street that I totally forgot was home to a museum. The dinosaur museum. Outside were two giant dinosaurs which had Leo ‘oooohhh-ing’ from the minute he spied them.


As you can probably guess, it took us FOREVER to reach the river.Β When we finally got there, Leo’s eyes lit up as he stared wondrously into the water. His excitement levels built as we walked further along and we could see the water flowing more rapidly. I was sure he would have jumped in at points if we hadn’t of had a good hold of him.

It wasn’t much further along the path before we spotted some duckies. At first Leo was a little unsure because the males were a little “excitable” shall we say. They kept chasing after each other, splashing in and out of the water and quacking rather loudly; presumably to impress the females.

Auntie Skye took a slice of bread out the bag and started to shred it up into chunks to feed the ducks with. I was almost certain Leo would get upset and demand he wanted the bread to eat for himself but he was very good and watched patiently as she chucked pieces of bread into the water for the ducks. When he realised what she was doing he took a piece of bread and attempted to throw it to the ducks. Of course the first few pieces ended up on the floor in front of him but he soon got the hang of it.


When the ducks flew off we continued our walk along by the river to see if we could find any more but to no avail. So Leo took the last of the bread from Auntie Skye and ate it himself.

By the time we neared the house, Leo’s legs started to give up and at one point he stopped and refused to go any further. So I scooped him up and shared the carrying with Skye until we reached our street. I put Leo back down now out of breathe and pointed towards the house. He must have thought we were already there because he crouched down and pulled the velcro fastenings on his shoes undone.

When we got in we sat down to some lunch and before too long Leo was ready for his nap. So I put him in the car and drove back home where he fell asleep and didn’t even stir when I moved him from the car to his bed. My poor boy was pooped but we had such a lovely day out in the winter sun.

Hope you have all had a lovely day.

Mummy Hazel, Auntie Skye and My Little Leo xxx