And by movie day…I mean the cinema! Yes, today we went on a little adventure. Leo took his first ever trip to the cinema. Mummy was feeling brave. Not because she hates the cinema, but because she knew how long Leo’s attention span was. Mad I hear you all  saying, taking a seventeen month old to the cinema. Well you may be right, and my anxiety levels may have sky rocketed this afternoon but it was something new. A new experience, a new adventure and a new level of anticipation.

We had nothing planned for today so when I woke up this morning a little lost wondering how we would fill our day; I started to message people and find out who was around. The answer was nobody. But my brother, Noel, was at work at the cinema. A ha. Yes, my key to (what I thought would be) a less stressful outing and a fun filled day, was my brother.

I messaged him just before he started work and he suggest I go along to the 12.30pm showing of the new animated movie, Sing! He said there were only a couple of people booked in to watch the movie so I thought to myself, hey why not, what have I got to lose (aside from my patience, my dignity as a mother and my money). So we jumped in the car and made our way to Dorchester.

We stopped by my work on the way to say a quick hello to Granny, then went to their house for a few snacks for lunch before heading on to the cinema. We arrived bang on time knowing that if we showed up any earlier, Leo would have to endure a longer period of sitting still and let’s face it, nobody enjoys sitting through half an hour of trailers either.

We saw Uncle Noel who sorted us out with our tickets and some popcorn then he took us up to our seats. We had seats in the back row and there were only six others seated in rows in front of us (few nice and quiet). Leo was given a booster seat to sit on but still couldn’t see above the chair in front so I had to sit on the booster with him on my lap. (It felt like I was five years old again). Once we had settled into our seats, Uncle Noel left the room as it was nearly time for the movie to start. He said he would come back and check on us to make sure everything was alright (he knows Leo has an attention span of a goldfish).

The second Uncle Noel left, Leo started to act up. I tried everything to keep him calm but he was desperate to leave and see where Uncle Noel had gone. He soon settled down in time for the movie to start when I coaxed him into sitting still with his bottle of juice and some popcorn.


We managed half an hour of the movie having now drank all the juice and spilt the popcorn all over the floor! Leo started to cry because he wanted out and I didn’t want to upset everyone else’s viewing experience, so we left.

I think it’s fair to say that although it was always going to be a long shot, we have now experienced the cinema. And we won’t be returning any time soon…at least not until we know that Leo can sit still through a movie at home.

So that was our little adventure for today. Hope you have all had a good one.

Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxx