Since the birth of my son, Leo, I have become what some might call an OCD Mum. I obsess over silly little things that I would never have even worried about before. I’d like to think it’s just a mild case linked to me being an over protective Mummy, but if certain things are done the wrong way, it can lead to a lot of anxiety and anger.

It all started weeks before Leo was born when the ‘nesting period’ began and I set about preparing the house for our new arrival. All of the babies new clothes had to be washed with Fairy because it’s soft soft soft and they were all folded and packed away neatly. I sterilised all the baby bottles even though I was set on breastfeeding but just in case it didn’t work out, I had some ready and waiting (not realising that sterilising bottles a month before the due date still made them non-sterile). The house was scrubbed from top to bottom even though I knew full well that the baby wouldn’t be mobile for months. I had nappies’Β stacked pristinely in drawers and the babies bedding was washed and ready to go with the moses basket set up next to my bed. My hospital bag was packed a month in advance (I just had this feeling he would be early and he was by 3 weeks) and I knew the exact location of every single item for when the time came.

Now that Leo is 17 months old, I still have OCD over a few things. I feel slightly embarrassed to share them with you but here it goes…

1. Leo’s change bag has been packed the exact same way for 17 months now so I know exactly where everything is and I can see if anything is missing.

2. I wipe clean EVERYTHING! And I don’t just mean Leo’s bum or his hands and face the minute he has a crumb on them. I mean tables, sofas, toys, myself. When we go out for food anywhere and Leo has to sit in a high chair, I take a baby wipe to it before he even touches it. (I even wipe down the table in front of me just in case).

3. I have 3 scrubbing brushes for dishes and it was worse when we had to clean Leo’s bottles. I have one for Leo’s cups and bowls, one for our cups and bowls, and one for really dirty pots and pans. Oh and a sponge for stubborn stains.

4. I can’t stand germs. The minute Leo has a sniffle I run around after him, blowing his nose every five minutes. Then I have to anti-bac everything he touches to stop him spreading his germs. (Thankfully he’s only had two colds since he was born but I do the same thing when Daddy or I catch something).

5. Leo’s clothes are still washed with baby friendly detergent because I’m too scared to try anything else in case he has a reaction (it’s taken me until just last week to experiment with a supermarkets own brand!)

6. Leo’s clothes have to be folded in an exact way. If Daddy does it wrong, I physically unfold the lot and do it again. (I do the same with my own clothes if they aren’t up to my standards- I’m not high maintenance, honest).

7. If Daddy chooses an outfit for Leo with an item that does not match, I have to change it.

If you were to ask my husband, I’m sure he would give you a whole other list of annoying OCD like things I do but I’m pretty sure that is it… plus I don’t particularly want to ask for his input because who knows what else he would add to the list.

So my question to you all is, am I in this alone? Does anyone else suffer from this Mum like OCD?

Mummy Hazel xxx