My Little Leo

Our adventures in Dorset


March 2017

Shopping Trip

We started off our day early as usual with everyone up, dressed and fed by 8am. Leo's Poppa was due back from France today so we decided to head over and see him. We dropped in at work on the... Continue Reading →


Mothers Day

I can't quite believe that this is my second Mothers Day as a Mum. Time is going far too quickly. Being a Mum is the hardest job in the entire world, and I never really understood or appreciated what I... Continue Reading →

Catch Up

And we're back. If you are a regular reader of my blogs you'll have noticed things have gone a bit quiet. I have no excuses other than life getting in the way. I used to sit and take an hour... Continue Reading →


A day late again, I know, I know but weekends have been pretty busy for us of late. We started off our day early Saturday morning with some painting as we were making a gift for Leo's Great Grandad. Then after we had all showered... Continue Reading →

Beach Day

Today in the life of Mummy Hazel and Little Leo, you guessed it, we went to the beach! We woke up and it was such a beautiful, glorious, sunny day that we couldn't resist the urge to head for the... Continue Reading →

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