First things first, I apologise for the slightly scary photo of us in our swimwear…we were happy honest!

Swimming is something I have loved doing since I was a little girl (which still doesn’t feel that long ago). Growing up in Saudi, I literally used to be in the pool every day. It’s something I don’t do a lot of now but certainly wish I did. I remember being in high school and having to take swimming lessons as part of our P.E. curriculum and I certainly wasn’t shy to show off my mad swimming skills (although my friend Cat was the real fish). A few of my class mates were fearful of the water and some had no idea how to swim which genuinely confused me. How could they be 15 years of age and not know how to swim? This has always stuck with me and I knew that I never wanted my kids to be fearful of the water. I want them to be confident little swimmers and enjoy spending time in the water as much as I did growing up.

So, of course, I took Leo swimming at the earliest opportunity I could. He had his first trip to the swimming pool at just four months old and he loved it. I took him again three more times before the age of one but unfortunately never kept it up and for that I am regretful.

This morning I decided we were going swimming. We started off our day early in an attempt to hit the pool before it got too busy so we left the house just before 8am and arrived at the leisure centre in Dorchester around 8.30am. When we walked through the doors into the changing area, Leo caught a glimpse of the pool and high tailed it towards the entrance. Luckily I caught him before he shot in.

We got ourselves changed (Mummy, Daddy and Leo) and made our way to the showers for a quick hose down. Daddy was carrying Leo and forgot to let the water warm up before he dove under. Needless to say they both got a bit of a shock!

We walked round to the learner pool to see it was already looking busy with a few other young families having a splash about. This excited Leo until we entered the pool and he realised he was submerged in a giant bath tub. In the past Leo loved getting in the pool and he still throughly enjoys a bath at home, so I was alarmed at his reaction to the water. I took him to the edge of the pool and sat him on the side so he could get used to his surroundings. He spent most of the time looking around at what everyone else was doing, until I picked him back up and splashed him in.

Before we knew it he was splashing about in the water having a ball. He sat on the edge a few times then attempted to stand up and take off to the big pool…luckily we had a tight hold of him.

After a good half hour of splashing and wooshing in the water, we noticed Leo starting to get a bit chilly so decided it was time to get out. That went down like a lead balloon! To exit the pool back to the changing area we had to walk past the big pool and Leo was desperate to get in. We quickly hushed him round the corner and back into the showers; this time waiting for them to warm up. I striped him off and let him splash about on the floor a minute to warm up before drying him off and getting dressed.

After an energetic start to the morning we thought it’d be a good idea to find somewhere to eat for breakfast. And what better than a nice and healthy fry up at Carluccios (it is the weekend after all).


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Much love,

Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxxxx