It’s fair to say that since returning from our little break at the weekend, I’ve been feeling a little “under the weather”. In an attempt to cheer myself and Leo up, we went on a trip to see Auntie Skye (she always puts a smile on our faces). I knew I needed to get a couple of things from in town, like my much needed foundation…it’s the only thing that makes me look human; so it was the perfect excuse to spend the day with Skye and go for a walk in the fresh air.

There was just one slight set back…the weather! I totally forgot about storm ‘Doris’ and in a haste to leave the house, forgot to put on a jacket and suitable shoes. At least the car was sheltered from the wind but I was slightly cacking my pants about the drive to Dorchester. Luckily it wasn’t too bad- I just had a loud toddler to deal with in the back because he didn’t want to sit still. No change there.

When we got to Dorchester, Leo was super excited to see his Auntie Skye and he proceeded to do his usual mad dash of the house to see who else was in (just Uncle Noel still in his bed). He then trashed the living room; toys flung everywhere and pencils scattered all over the floor.

I had a quick check of the weather and noticed the forecast for wind was to pick up at twelve, giving us an hour window to run into town and get the things I needed. Stepping foot outside, the wind was still ridiculous so we jumped in the car and drove five minutes into town instead. When we got there, I opened the boot to get Leo’s jacket out when lo and behold I remembered that I too had a spare jacket in the boot. Thank goodness for that. Skye however, had come out wearing a little summers day denim jacket. Needless to say she felt the breeze!

After a quick run around town, and a cheeky browse in a baby shop, we headed back to the car where we decided we needed a burger for lunch! Oh yes. With a day off and the weather dreary, what better way to cheer us up than a cheeky McDonald’s. I even got Leo his very first Happy Meal! (Just to point out, it’s his first and his last for at least another eighteen months haha).

Leo was fed up of being strapped in his carseat so Skye kept him quiet by giving him a couple of chips on our way back home. Wow, he enjoyed them! I’ve never heard him make those yummy kind of noises when I make him a nutritious, healthy meal of vegetables at home!!!

When we got back to the house we sat round the table and ate our very naughty lunch. Leo managed two chicken nuggets and a handful of chips before he got bored and threw the rest all over the floor. So I gave him his yogurt and some fruity wriggles which he devoured wihin minutes. He then pinched another chip from my plate and much to all of our disgust, dunked it in his yogurt pot!

Once we had cleaned up after lunch, we slobbed out on the sofa for only a minute before Leo tore about the house getting up to no good. It was nearing his nap time so I tried to get him to snuggle up on the sofa and drift off to the land of nod…


Looks can be deceiving! He led there for five minutes before he darted off getting up to more mischief. Enough was enough and it was time to go. With Leo back in the car, he nodded off to sleep before I’d even left Dorchester. And he remained asleep when I got him back home and into his bed for another two hours. Peace at last.

So that was our day. Nothing too exciting but full of adventure none the less.

Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxx