Yesterday evening we went for a walk to meet Daddy after he finished work. We needed to get a crusty loaf from the shops too to go with our homemade soup and although it was freezing outside it was the perfect excuse to get out for some fresh air…I was actually hoping Leo might fall asleep (fat chance- he doesn’t miss a thing). So we wrapped up warm; hats, gloves, scarfs and went on our way to meet Daddy. As I was walking along through the deserted streets of our little village, I couldn’t help but look up to the sky *breaks into chorus* “and seeeee”, that the sky was a beautiful hazy, pink/red colour. Then I spotted the jet stream of a single air craft cruising by and it made my mind wonder (Wanda- family joke). I started thinking of my year ahead and all the changes to come and it struck me how much things have already changed in the space of a year.

This time last year my little Leo was only a tiddler, 4 months old. Still dependent on me for everything; milk, sleep, dirty nappies, snotty colds the lot. It’s hard to imagine that just a year ago he didn’t even know what food was. Now he tucks into anything put in front of him. He doesn’t miss the sound of a packet rustling or the microwave pinging or the smell of his dinner on the hob. He has learnt to sit by himself, crawl, walk and now run (must close my eyes- hello bruises). He babbles and shouts Dada at everyone although that hasn’t changed much seen as his first word was Dada- why is it never Mama?! He has grown in height (obviously) and in width (what can I say, he likes his food!) He has grown a lovely set of nashers, twelve in total. And he is now learning to use a potty (a bit advanced for a 16 month old I know but you’ve got to start somewhere even if all he does is look at his tinkle winkle with a curious face).

We have shared so many special memories together, first mother’s day and father’s day, birthdays and a few holidays. Smiles, plenty of giggles and a few tears too. Now to repeat it all again this year and I don’t plan to miss a minute of it. Stay positive, keep smiling and don’t blink!

Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo x

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