Day two of our new venture into the world of blogging! Exciting.

Today got off to a slow (like literally snail passed) start. Motivation to get up and go just wasn’t there but with a 1 year old you kind of have no choice. Daddy was up at the crack of dawn for his first day back at work (I’ve creamed an extra day woop) which meant mummy duties commenced at 7.30am. We got up, had our breakfast and before I could even say ‘time to get dressed’, Leo had decided to take a leak!!! PJ’s soaked. #mumlife

Once we were all cleaned up and *cough* fresh pj’s had been put on (well I did say snails pace) the toys came out. CRASH! Everywhere. Last night Daddy thought it would be a good idea to hide Leo’s colouring book from him as he’s been glued to it since Christmas…crayons and shredded paper everywhere, every day! I left the room to take out a nappy and when I came back, you guessed it, the book was out. How on earth did he find it underneath the sofa!!

I gave in and let him colour away until his little heart was content (approx. 5 minutes before he started getting angry and throwing crayons round the room). He then sat peacefully on the floor among all the mess watching tv.


He soon decided he was feeling tired and wanted some mummy snuggles. He’s actually been quite clingy today come to think of it. Usually he won’t sit still for more than two seconds let alone cuddle in…hmm…teething, growth spurt, some virus brewing?!? Time will tell but if you are at all like me, us mums know when something’s up.

I put Leo down for a nap at 11.30am which is usually risky as he can really take the biscuit and nap for hours which puts off his whole afternoon/night time schedule. But I needed to shower and prepare dinner for tonight and our lunches. Homemade veg soup, delicious!

Recipe: Veg stock, any selection of veg chopped and a sprinkle of herbs. Simple!

The smell of dinner cooking most likely woke Leo as he’s not one to miss out on food (apparently takes after his Mummy). We sat down to some cheesy scrambled eggs and toast fingers which went down a treat until he noticed the crayons on the table! Ahhh! Why did I not think to hide them better. So here we are again, colouring!

Thanks for taking the time to read about our adventures of today. Please feel free to leave any comments and follow for more adventures in the life of My Little Leo. You can also follow us on Instagram @hazeleo5.

Much love, Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo x