We have had such a busy day today I don’t know where to begin. So much to talk about it makes my head spin. I’ll start by saying hi to my Grandad who’s out in New Zealand at the moment (that’s if he found the link to this blog in the email I sent him- if not, I just look like a plum!)

Todays adventures started with a yummy bowl of porridge with banana (and syrup but shh, I’m supposed to be being good). I always make the mistake of heating it too much and having to clean up the volcanic eruption in my microwave. I made just one bowl and split it between myself and Leo. He used to LOVE banana as a tiny baby but now the only way to get it into him is to disguise it. I’m sure everyone’s parents used to disguise foods we never liked just so they could say, HA, got you this time! These days if I give Leo a chunk of banana the only thing he will do is squish it between his fingers like he’s the hulk and smear it all over my table. Why?!

No sooner than breakfast was finished and we were dressed for the day than it was time to make a mess of my living room again. I decided if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. So I dragged out all Leo’s musical instruments that his Uncle Noel bought him for his birthday and we drummed, ting-ed, and shouted as loudly as we could until our little hearts were content. It’s a bloomin good job the neighbours had gone out that’s all I’ll say!

We continued on playing through the morning until it was nearing lunchtime when we knew Daddy would be home with the car so we could nip to the shops quickly for more milk (greedy chops drinks it like it’s going out of fashion, then again, I can’t complain because I know some mums struggle to get their toddlers to drink any milk at all). In an attempt to be ready to head straight out when he got back I ran upstairs to slap on some make up so I looked somewhat presentable to the outside world. Why can I never do this in peace! I should learn to just sit Leo in his cot with a book to keep him quiet for five minutes but instead I let him have free reign of all the rooms upstairs….silly silly Mummy. After running around mid foundation spread shouting Leo no, Leo don’t touch that, Leo stop it; I decided to ignore what he was up to and get on with the job only to enter the bathroom five minutes later and find toilet roll ALL OVER THE FLOOR! (Don’t lose your rag Hazel, just keep calm, deal with it and move on- oh too late, he’s now tearing up the remaining bit’s on the floor into confetti).

After a telling off and a few tears we kissed and made up and got on with lunch. In an attempt to get Leo to eat more of his sandwich I cut it into little duck shapes. Now is it just me or does anyone else’s toddler insist on pulling their sandwich apart and licking out the filling? I’d be better off giving him toast and saving myself a slice of bread. We also have a daily struggle with eating our lunch at the same time because whatever Mummy has on her plate must surely be tastier than what Leo has on his. Oh no my son, it’s EXACTLY then same. I got half way through my apple when Leo started to throw another tantrum because he wanted some. I am not looking forward to him turning two if this is what happens now!

Got my own way again Mummy x


Daddy arrived home just as we finished our lunch so we quickly put some shoes on, dropped Daddy back at work then headed for the shops for some milk and a few other groceries. I’ve never had this struggle before mainly because we shop online or I have George there to help me out. We got out the car and I carried Leo into the shop picked up a basket and progressed swiftly (he’s so heavy) round the aisles picking up only the things I needed. I ran to the checkout before I dropped either Leo or the basket of food. When I got there, there was a man standing in front of me being served and I thought to myself, yes I’ve made it and will be served in just a second. Oh no, (just my luck- wherever we go food shopping we ALAWAYS pick the wrong till- just ask George) the man continued on talking to the assistant for what felt like an eternity. I caved in and dropped both Leo and the basket to the floor just as he walked away. I grabbed hold of Leo’s arm and tried to drag him forward whilst kicking the basket but he wasn’t having it. He stood smiling at the assistant and was so transfixed he wouldn’t budge. I looked like such a melon trying to heave a heavy toddler and a basket onto the counter. None the less, I paid for the shopping and ran back to the car as fast as my legs would carry me without dropping anything. Next time I will be putting lumpy in the pram even if it’s only for a pint of milk.

We got back home, packed away the shopping (with a cling on) and sat down to read a book before Leo went for a nap. When he woke an hour and a half later, he was all tearful. I picked him up out his cot and just cuddled him for a minute, letting his head rest on my shoulder. I’m pretty sure his teeth are bothering him at the moment and it’s the nasty pointy ones still to come in so I let him keep his dummy for a while whilst we snuggled on the sofa and watched some tv (we will give it up soon, promise Santa).

Dinner was devoured and a little play time had with Daddy, then it was time for PJ’s and bed which brings me to this next picture of Leo up to no good in his AWESOME new pyjamas- even if I do say so myself.


If you have made it this far than thanks for reading. Leo is now tucked up in his bed and I need to get a move on and sort out our bags for tomorrow. Leo is going to his Auntie Kye Kye (her names actually Skye but Kye is his favourite) where he always has so much fun whilst Mummy is it work.

Mummy struggles are real but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxx