We started off our day early as usual with everyone up, dressed and fed by 8am. Leo’s Poppa was due back from France today so we decided to head over and see him. We dropped in at work on the way to see Granny before going to their house to see Auntie Skye and Uncle Noel.

Poppa arrived back at the house just before lunch to a big hug from Leo because he hadn’t seen him for a couple of weeks. We had planned to go out shopping for the afternoon so we wolfed down a sandwich and some crisps then set on our way to Poole. Auntie Skye sat in the back with Leo whilst Mummy drove and Poppa kept me straight.

Shopping isn’t something I usually look forward to with Leo for obvious reasons; random tantrums in shops, pulling clothes off hangers, knocking items off shelves and running away from me. I was grateful to have a couple pairs of hands to help me out at least so I was a bit more optimistic about today’s shop. And I was right to be.

We all knew what we wanted and where we wanted to go so our first stop was the cheap and cheerful Primark. The one in Poole is situated over three floors so there was lots to look at. Leo decided he didn’t want to stay in his pram and I knew I was in for a stressful trip but his Poppa very kindly took him off for a walk up the escalator to the next floor so Auntie Skye and I could have a quick browse. Ten minutes later (as planned- tight schedule I know) both Leo and his Poppa came back down the escalator to find us.

Leo came charging over to find me before pointing back in the direction of the escalator, dragging me by my top. It turned out Poppa had spent the last ten minutes going up and down all the escalators in the shop much to Leo’s delight. So yes you guessed it, we all took it in turns to go up and down the escalator while the other shopped. I just hope the security cameras weren’t working- we must have looked crazy going up and down several times carrying a toddler in or arms!

After a final run around the shop with his Poppa, we all paid for our items and left having managed to coax Leo back into his pushchair with the promise of a snack if he sat still nicely. I was true to my word and purchased him a snack in the next shop we entered which he scoffed in a matter of minutes. He managed to sit still in his pram for a trip into two more shops before getting back out to walk to the car; chasing pigeons with his Poppa on the way.

We had a successful shop buying everything we came for (and more on my behalf) and I was so grateful for the help of Poppa as it allowed me to spend the time looking for the things I needed rather than getting hot and bothered like I usually do on a shopping trip with Leo.

We dropped Poppa and Auntie Skye back home then made our way back to see Daddy after work. Leo was so exhausted from his exciting day out that he fell asleep in the car the whole way back. If shopping trips were like this all the time, I would go more often. Perhaps the key is just to go with Poppa.

Thanks Dad.

Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxxxx