I can’t quite believe that this is my second Mothers Day as a Mum. Time is going far too quickly.

Being a Mum is the hardest job in the entire world, and I never really understood or appreciated what I put my own Mum through until I had Leo. I continue to grow and learn from her words of wisdom every single day as she helps to guide me through the mad world of parenting. After all, she has just about managed to raise three fairly respectable children over the space of twenty five years (she still can’t shake us now).

On days like today I love to look back at old photos and remind myself of the fun times we’ve had Mum. You may be as mad as cheese but we all love you for it.

My role as a Mum is to raise my child to be the best that he can be. To teach him right from wrong and to guide him through the maze of life, just as my Mum has done for me and continues to do now. A year from now, Leo will sure be on his way to toddler independence. He will likely be potty trained, speaking, feeding himself, dressing himself and giving his Mummy and Daddy a hard time. But I know that in years to come, he too will be grateful for everything his Mummy does for him.

This morning I woke up to my baby boy bringing me breakfast in bed, some flowers, chocolates and a card. The sheer look of delight on his face when he handed me his card made me realise that all the stress and trauma he puts me through on a daily basis is totally worth it. After all, who can resist this cheeky face.


After a tasty breakfast (and a couple of chocolates) Leo and I got ourselves ready to drive to Dorchester to surprise Granny with a Mothers Day lunch. (We left Daddy at home as he is working on project, ‘make Mummy a bigger wardbrobe for all her clothes and shoes’).


We all sat and snaffled away until our bellies were full. Leo was handed a slice of battenberg to which he shrieked “Wow”, then rammed as much of it as he possibly could into his mouth. Needless to say he was bouncing off the ceilings within the hour.

He showed us all his new dance moves which consisted of spinning round and round in circles until he crashed into Granny’s vase of flowers, knocking water all over the floor. Doh! It wasn’t long before he hit the sugar crash and he sat cuddled up with his Granny getting his feet massaged then his back rubbed. (Wish I got that treatment).


I soon asked Leo if he wanted to go in the car and head home to see Daddy to which he nodded his head enthusiastically, yes. So we got ourselves ready and within minutes of being in the car, he drifted off to sleep. When we got back home, Leo remained asleep for a further hour after which I struggled to wake him back up. I stood clapping my hands, talking to him at my normal volume and eventually gave in to poking him until he woke up.

We made dinner together whilst Daddy finished off drilling some holes in the wall then tidied up all his mess. Because the clocks have jumped forward an hour, we ended up having dinner late, pushing Leo’s bedtime back to now. I’ve got all my fingers crossed that he will go down without a fuss but I’m not holding out for anything given the past week we have had with him.

Wish me luck and happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely Mummas out there.

Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxx