And we’re back. If you are a regular reader of my blogs you’ll have noticed things have gone a bit quiet. I have no excuses other than life getting in the way. I used to sit and take an hour to myself most nights to write up a little blog about our daily adventures but lately (the last week in particular) I’ve been struggling to find the time, energy and motivation with my little Leo going through a, hopefully, short period of sleep regression. His new found independence and curiosity has led to late nights all round with George and I barely finding the time to even sit and talk to each other. With the clocks now sprung forward an hour I am dreading the prospect of tonight’s bedtime but am hopeful that the last week has finally caught up on my little boy and he should go to sleep at a “decent” time.

In an attempt to catch up, here are a few things you’ve missed over the weeks;

1. Leo’s first ever bowl of coco pops


2. A play date at our local soft play


3. A sunny days walk to meet Daddy after work (with Monkey, of course)


4. A day off for Mummy to catch up with an old friend


5. A trip to the seaside with Daddy for some fresh air


6. Some baking


7. Getting a dirty bum in the play park


8. Bye bye dummy (we are now ten days dummy free and boy has it been tough)


9. Another trip to the seaside but with the whole family


10. A bloody big mess


11. A hair cut


12. A catch up with an old friend before her baby arrives which involved dragging her round the play park and making her doubt her decision to have a baby (all thanks to Leo’s tantrums)


So now we are all caught up, I’m going to try and pick up from where I left off with blogs of our little adventures on a more regular basis. Watch out for a second one later.

In the mean time, you can keep up to date with our daily shenanigans over on Instagram @mylittleleo1.

Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxx