A day late again, I know, I know but weekends have been pretty busy for us of late. We started off our day early Saturday morning with some painting as we were making a gift for Leo’s Great Grandad. Then after we had all showered and cleaned up the mess, we had a spot of lunch and headed out to the shops for a new pair of trousers for Leo. He is getting so big now.

Sunday, we had a day filled with birthday celebrations. It was Leo’s Great Grandad’s birthday, his Poppa’s birthday (well not until Wednesday but he’s away in France so we had to celebrate early), and Leo’s 18 month old birthday (ok so that’s not really a birthday either). Leo woke up at his usual 6.30am and came charging through to our bedroom to see if we were awake. George was sat up wide awake whereas I received the fright of my life when Leo pounced on me and shrieked in my ear excitably before giving me a nice big cuddle. We put on the TV for him to watch so we could wake up and get ready slowly for a change instead of rushing around to leave the house. We milked it a little, pushing Leo to his limits until he could fight it no more. He just wanted to go downstairs for his milk and his breakfast.

George cooked up some bacon, sausages and eggs for a fat off sandwich; whilst I boiled Leo an egg for his soldiers. Yum, yum. He dunked away at his egg until the yolk was all gone; then he had a little accident, spilling his cup of water all over his plate, leaving a couple of his soldiers with soggy bottoms! Yuck, yuck. We cleaned up and got ourselves dressed before Leo  set about playing with all his toys and trashing the house. George supervised the play (in other words encouraged the mess) whilst I hoovered and cleaned upstairs quickly. We then headed out to see Great Grandad before lunchtime.

We turned up at their house five minutes round the corner assuming they would be in but when we rung the doorbell nobody answered. Leo was so upset. We had to get back in the car and drove to his Granny’s down the next street to drop off the present instead. When we got there, she said that it was a bit odd nobody answered the door and gave them a quick phone call to see if anyone would answer. When she finally got through, she found out that they had been sitting in their conservatory and hadn’t heard the doorbell ring. So off we went again. Leo kicked and screamed because he didn’t want to go back in his car seat but he eventually gave in as we promised him a biscuit when we got there. He didn’t know it was only a minute drive around the corner and when he saw his Great Granny he forgot all about the biscuit and tore about the place playing with some blocks and his favourite story book which has spinning wheels.

We gave Great Grandad his presents and cards which he loved then Leo spotted a pen sitting on the side which he grabbed and oohed over wondering what he could scribble on. Great Grandad gave him the envelopes from his cards which he drew a lovely picture for him on. He charged around for a little while longer getting into everything he’s not supposed to, then we headed off back home for some lunch.

Daddy started to feel a bit poorly so after lunch, we left him to rest up and went to visit Poppa to celebrate his birthday with a yummy dinner and some birthday cake. Leo fell asleep in the car before I’d even started the engine to leave so by the time we got there he was all confused and a little dazed. It didn’t take him long to realise where we were and he ran around to give everyone a cuddle before tipping out his toy box and throwing a football at everyone’s head!

Then it was time for presents.


As you can see Leo thoroughly enjoyed tearing into all his Poppas presents. There were a lot of “ooooohs” and “what’s datttt”s. After everything was opened, Leo helped put all the rubbish in the bin then he went for a quick run around in the garden with his Pops. It was a bit windy though so they weren’t out for long before Leo’s cheeks were rosy red and his hair had gone all fluffy.


After a little chill out time on the sofa watching Tom and Jerry, we sat down to dinner and a delicious lasagna. Leo devoured his whole plate (not the actual plate) and even pinched some of Mummy’s carrots. Then he decided it would be funny to throw a slice of garlic bread at his Poppa!! Well that ended dinner time.

Time for cake and I’ve never seen Leo so excited. His little face lit up and was all inquisitive by the flickering of the candles on the cake. He watched as Poppa blew them out then insisted Granny served him up a slice on the coffee table by shouting “down, down”.


Boy oh boy did he enjoy that cake.


So that was our weekend. Hope you all had a good one.

Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxx