Today in the life of Mummy Hazel and Little Leo, you guessed it, we went to the beach! We woke up and it was such a beautiful, glorious, sunny day that we couldn’t resist the urge to head for the ocean. With it being just an hours drive away, how could we not. So we got in the car and headed there first thing for a walk along the beach before the essential fish and chips for lunch.

Auntie Skye had a day off so we picked her up on our way. Leo, as Hehe it was a little chilly but the sun was so nice and warm. Leo, as expected, was super excited to see her and he giggled most of the way to Weymouth with Auntie Skye pulling funny faces at him in the back. When we got there, the sun was still shining brightly but it was a little windy. We parked up at the furthest end of the beach giving us a nice long walk into the town centre where we would get some lunch.

Although Leo is walking pretty much everywhere now, after Tuesdays shopping debacle (see previous blog post) I decided it would be a good idea to take the pram as well as the reins. We probably walked a good couple of miles before he began to tire and wanted lifting up.


The tide was right in and the waves were crashing against the shore creating a lovely trickling noise as the pebbles were knocked to and fro. The sun shone off the sea with the beams bouncing back into our eyes and blinding us slightly. But it didn’t matter; it was calm and tranquil and we strolled along the seafront at a glacial pace with Leo stomping in the odd puddle along the way.


We eventually reached the town centre and found a pub to sit down in and eat fish and chips. Little did I know that the pub was actually home to a children’s soft play area! Leo spotted it almost instantly and wanted to go and play but I knew we needed to order some food before it got any later. So I sat him down in a high chair and fed him a biscuit to keep him quite whilst I went and ordered. The quiet was short-lived.

Whilst we waited for the food to arrive I took Leo to see what the soft play was like and Auntie Skye followed shortly behind. She charged in there and helped him climb to the top so he could go down the slide. I think it’s fair to say they enjoyed themselves.


It wasn’t long before our food arrived and I had to drag Leo kicking and screaming out of the soft play. Of course by this point he didn’t actually want to eat anything, he just wanted to play, but he managed a couple of chips and some yummy cod.


We had to wolf our lunch down as the time on the car had run out, so we walked as quickly as we could back to the car before our fun day out turned into an expensive one! We got lucky. Leo however left me with a nice surprise as he’d managed to wet through his nappy and soaked all his clothes! The joys of parenthood.


Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxx