Another weekend been and gone with not a lot to report hence, no blog post. Leo was feeling slightly under the weather with his teethies and I shall spare you the details of the joyful nappies and the restless nights. We are finally back on track today and Leo is much more himself, although, the troublesome tooth still hasn’t cut through (I expect we could be in for a few more restless nights).

Back to the fun of today though, Happy Pancake day everyone!

Yes, shrove Tuesday is a day I look forward to all year round and it’s a rare occasion for me to miss one. Last year, Leo had only just started eating so this will be a first for him (he has had pancakes before today though). I’m tempted to put out all the condiments and let him choose his toppings…but then again that could get really messy.

We are having pancakes for dessert tonight seen as there’s never enough time in the mornings. Besides, to make pancakes, you kind of need to have all the ingredients; and that we did not. So our morning started with a trip to the shops to purchase said missing ingredients. The easy thing for me to do would have been to take the car, but George drove it to work so he could come back for lunch. So we had to walk. I was kind of grateful because it was a lovely day and we could do with the fresh air, however, I decided against taking the pushchair and figured I’d be fine to carry back all the shopping with Leo in tow. What a fool.

Our stroll up to the high street was nice and slow with Leo stopping to Β point out everything that made a noise. We had to stop by the post office first to post off Leo’s passport application (eek, how exciting).


Then we wandered up the hill to the supermarket where we bumped into Granny who had just been to do her pancake shopping as well. I plonked Leo into a trolley and we dashed around the shop for everything on the shopping list. The first port of call was the bread aisle for a tasty baguette to eat with our soup for dinner. The only trouble with that was Leo had worked himself up an appetite…


He got caught snaffeling by one of the shop assistants who thought it was highly amusing and told him the end bit was defiantly the best. So off we continued round the shop, Leo chomping away at the end of a baguette. We picked up the milk and eggs we needed for our pancakes and some ingredients to make granola bars, then headed to the check out. I managed to cram all of our shopping into the rucksack on my back and a bag I’d brought with me (it was bloomin’ heavy though), then we left the shop to make our way back home.

Leo made his way back down the hill from the supermarket with a chunk of bread still in his hand, but no sooner had we crossed the road to head along the pathway home, than Leo stopped and threw his hands up into the air to be picked up! You have to be joking kiddo.

He was not. I had to pick him up and carry the lump plus the shopping all the way home! It was the longest, most painful and embarrassing twenty minute walk I have ever endured. Along the way, Leo made me stop to get him some more bread, but he noticed a bottle in the bag which he thought was a drink for him. It was vegetable oil. Now insisting he had a drink or he wouldn’t go any further, I had to think fast and remembered I purchased a carton of milk. So there was me, at the side of a busy road, loaded with bags, pouring a carton of milk down my sons neck which let’s face it could hardly be disguised.

Finally back home, I unloaded all the shopping and I have to say, I was rather impressed that I’d managed to carry a toddler and all of this on my back.


Once we had both recovered with a big glass of water and a little biscuit, we set about making some tasty granola bars. It’s the first time I’ve made them and I must say they were so easy to make and Leo enjoyed mixing all the ingredients together too, brilliant messy fun for a toddler. (Oh, and they taste good.)


After a quick baking session, I made some lunch for me and Leo before we both crashed on the sofa and watched some good old CBeebies. Leo then went down for a two hour long nap which gave me some much needed time to tidy, clean and make the soup for our dinner.

The soup was delicious but we were all too excited for some pancakes. I cooked up a double batch so we have leftovers for tomorrow and even added chopped banana to some of them for an extra bit ofΒ je ne sais quoi. Leo loved them.


You can find the recipe for these tasty scotch pancakes over on my previous blog post:

Hope you have all had a yummy day.

Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxx