Last night, I was given one of those rare Mummy opportunities to go out and let my hair down! A proper girls night. The evening started early with everyone showing up at Mum’s around 6pm where we popped the cork on the wine and sat down to a table full of tasty treats.

From top to bottom: Mum and bestie Sarah, Me and bestie Jemma, The Smurfs (a.k.a. Sister and bestie EllieΒ 

It wasn’t long before the food was devoured and the wine started flowing rapidly. We had some music on, some old some new, and decided to play a little quiz on how well we knew our best friend. Haha, of course this got totally out of hand with some outrageously embarrassing stories. I’m not entirely sure anyone was the quiz champion but none the less we got to learn a little more than we probably should have about each other. (What happens on girls night, stays on girls night).

As the evening progressed and we started to get a little rowdier, the music got crancked up and we started to prance around the living room like a bunch of numpty’s lets face it. But who cares, we were enjoying ourselves. There was of course the compulsory group dance to the cha cha slide and a bit of the running man, then we suddenly went into what felt like a full on aerobic workout! Why is it if I were to try this on zero alcohol I would be dead on the floor after about thirty seconds?

It was soon nearing 10pm and Jemma and I decided to abandon ship and head into the town centre to see what was going down on a Friday night. The answer was not a lot. But we ran to the nearest bar with music, beer jackets at hand (we totally forgot to put a jumper on, brrrr), and stood and wiggled our tooshes until we both hit the brick wall after one too many Malibu and cokes.


Around 11.30pm we arrived back at the house with a large stick in hand (don’t ask) to everyone else pooped. Jemma and I crashed on the sofa having managed to climb into some pjs and didn’t wake until 8am this morning.

I think it’s fair to say we had a blast and we are all looking forward to the next one.

For all you other Muma’s out there, it’s ok to let your hair down every once in a while. After what we have to deal with on a daily basis, we deserve it! So go have some fun. Take that one night off to spend with your girlfriends and shake what your Muma gave ya!

Much love,

Hazel xxx