Leo and I had a baking day today with the weather being so unpredictable and storm Doris on the way. So we started off early with a recipe for some savoury cheese muffins so we could eat them in time for lunch. They were really easy to make and Leo helped by making a mess (no change there then).

We started off by getting all the ingredients and equipment out that we needed. Then Leo helped me to weigh out the dry ingredients and sift all the flour. His little face lit up as he was so excited to see the flour, sprinkling through the sieve like powdery snow. Then it was time to add the cheese. I should have thought and grated it before Leo jumped up to help me because the minute I started grating, he grabbed hold of the weighing bowl and started helping himself to the cheese! (He is a little cheese monster).

In went the butter, egg and milk and Leo started to mix it all together…with a little help from Mummy just to make sure it was all mixed together properly. He then lifted up the spoon and catapulted a dollop of mixture across the room then wiped the spoon down my sleeve. Thank you little one.

I then let him help me plop the mixture into the cake cases which was tricky as he kept trying to eat the mixture off the spoon. Monkey. After we had filled all the cases we placed the muffins in the oven to cook and voila! A dozen tasty cheese muffins. As you can see, Leo thoroughly enjoyed his home baked creations.




Here is the recipe and the book I got it from for anyone who would like to make them for themselves. They are definitely a tasty alternative to a sweet cake.


Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxx