Today I’m going to write a little about myself…ok maybe a lot about myself, in fact this blog is all about myself! Not that I’m being selfish or vein, I just thought it would be nice for my lovely readers to get to know me before I became Mummy Hazel. So here goes.

I was born in Scotland in a town called Livingston although it was much smaller back then than it is now. I lived there for three years and I honestly can’t remember much of it because I was only a baby, but I do know that my little brother, Noel, was born two years after me and a year after that we moved abroad to Saudi Arabia. Now that I remember.

I had a really privileged childhood of which I am really grateful to my parents for. I lived in Saudi for five years where I met and grew up with the most amazing friends, my parents and my little brother. We lived in an English compound where we went to a small school called Asir preparatory. I remember spending most days in the swimming pool cooling off from the heat, and playing in the sandy play park just across the road from where we lived (in fact you could see the park from my bedroom window). I used to play in the park with my friends after school where we would laugh for what felt like hours; playing pile ups on the slide, butterflies on the swings and monkeys on the monkey bars. Most days I would come home with my hands covered in blisters or my bum chaffed from the slide.

We took many a trips to the Red Sea with a group of friends where we would go in convoy and fly over the sand dunes until we reached the ocean. We would set up tents to camp out and all the dads’ would fish from the shores whilst the mums’ sat and chin wagged. Then us kids would run around, playing in the sand and swimming in the warm sea. In the evenings, I have a fond memory of sitting round a fire with everyone and tossing cashew nut shells into the sand. (Don’t ask me why I remember this). It was camping with the basics and no toilet blocks to pee or shower in so we used to set up a ‘poo tent’ with a bucket dug into the ground for everyone to use and we would shower by diving into the sea or being hosed off quickly with massive tankers of drinking water that we brought. I still remember driving back home with sand in my pants though.

Our Saudi life was simple, fun and outdoorsy.

Five years on and it was time to move back to the UK to Scotland as Mum had fallen pregnant with my little sister, Skye. I have to admit, I don’t remember much of my time back in Livingston, perhaps because it was short-lived, but I do remember falling completely in love with my new baby sister.

Two years later and it was time for another move. This time it was off to Munich, Germany. I made some more wonderful friends out there and thoroughly enjoyed going to school (especially all the school trips we went on). My fondest memories of our time in Germany were our house, cycling, snow and food! We lived in a newly built property which was on four floors. The house was massive. It was in a really quiet location on the outskirts of a village surrounded by fields, forests and parks.

In the summer, we used to go out on family bike rides through the woods. When our Auntie Anna and Uncle Ewan came out to visit us, we used to cycle into a neighbouring village to a shop that sold the most delicious ice cream, then we would pick punnets of berries on our way back through the woods. We also seemed to spend a lot of our time when they visited in the city centre at the hofbrauhaus….! I can’t complain though, I loved going there for a Bretzen, a wurst and a good old dance with the oompah band.

When the winter came, it snowed hard! We used to don our snow suits and boots and run through the fields of snow, having snowball fights and building snowmen. But the best bit was the park just across the field from our house. It had a massive hill in it which could easily have been purposely built for sledging! My brother and I would spend hours running back up the hill to slide back down on our bum whizzers until we got so cold we had to retreat indoors to warm up (secretly we could have played all day but the thought of frost bite was a little scary ).

I miss a lot of the food we used to eat out there, mainly the Bretzen’s but also the variety of sausages (my favourite was a kaiser wurst), the copious amounts of Milka and Ritter Sport chocolate (now available in the UK but it’s just not the same) and the chocolate coated fruit. I loved visiting the Oktoberfest and having a white chocolate coated banana. Delicious.

After two years of the wonderful time we spent in Germany, it was time to move back to the UK. This time, Dorset. We moved to Dorchester back in March 2004 and we have been living here ever since (well, I have obviously now moved out). I had to meet new friends, many of which I still see now and settle into another new home. I have officially spent most of my life now living in Dorset and beautiful it is too. It’s where I was put through my education, learnt to drive, started work, discovered alcohol, married my husband, bought a house and had a beautiful baby.

So here I am, 25 years old, working part-time as an administrator for a firm of financial advisers, wife to my handsome George and proud Mummy to my lovely little Leo. Although it’s stressful as hell sometimes, being a Mummy truly is the best job in the world! 🌎

Sure I have hobbies and interests too (like shopping, baking, shoes, Disney, chocolate, shoes and wine to name a few…oh did I say shoes twice?) but without family, my life just wouldn’t be complete.

So this is me; fun, loving, full of positivity and energy (most days), slightly crazy and a sucker for a silly selfie.


Hazel xxxxx