For the first time in weeks, I woke up feeling refreshed and energised from a good nights sleep and to my shock it must have rubbed off on Leo too because he has been a little angel today. I have managed to stay calm, collected and non-stressed all day. It’s amazing the difference a day makes. Leo finally seems to be over the sniffles and he hasn’t thrown a single tantrum all day!

Both in good moods but the weather looking a bit glum, we dragged out the arty farty box and sat ourselves at the table to get messy. And messy that we did.


I have let Leo loose on paint before but never with a paint brush. I bought him a little set of assorted brushes, some skinny, some chunky and some spongy. He dunked away in the paint until his little heart was content, flicking brushes this way and that until…he painted his hair! All I can say is at least it was yellow and not black. Me on a normal stressed out day would probably have gone mad and frantically tried to clean him with baby wipes (I get through them like they are going out of fashion). But in the positive mood I was in, I simply laughed it off and let him continue making a mess; he was going to need a shower after all.


The outcome was some new art for my fridge. Is it just me, or does everyones “art” end up on the fridge?!

After we showered ourselves off and got dressed for the day ahead we went back downstairs. Leo noticed I had left the arty farty box out and went charging over to it. Inside I had left a couple of new colouring books and some crayons plus a sticker book which he wasn’t supposed to see. You guessed it though, it all came flying out. So I had to sit and endure him tugging at me every time I dropped a crayon to pick one back up and continue colouring.


Once we had had enough of scribbling on pages, we brought out the stickers but not before a little snack.


Most of the stickers ended up piled on top of each other on the same page until Leo realised that it’s actually rather funny to stick them to your nose instead. He really is a dafty scone. He soon started to tire from his busy morning of making a mess so he decided to snuggle up on the sofa with his blankets and watch Mr.Tumble (I really can’t stand the guy).

Lunchtime came round and we sat and ate sandwiches, some cheese puffs, a yogurt and some apple (until Leo chocked on his and I traded it for some dried strawberries). Then it was time for a last minute play before nap time.

Leo decided to trash my living room by dragging out all his cars, building blocks and his tent. I forgave him because he was just having fun. He sat inside his mega blocks cart and built a tower around himself; then when he’d had enough of that he ran around the house on all fours pushing his toy truck around and finally crashed when he dove into his play tunnel head first and led there exhausted.

Phew, I was knackered from just watching him. He napped for two hours (unsurprisingly) then had to be woken before dinner was dished up. I find if I don’t wake him at least half an hour before his dinner then he gets all grouchy and flings his food across the table at us which is not a pretty sight.

At the end of a fun filled day, I find myself sitting back still chilled out but completely pooped. It’s amazing what a good nights sleep can do. Fingers crossed for another one tonight (although we are now sat an hour after Leo was put down and I can still hear him bumping away in his bed).

Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxx