This weekend has been yet another busy one, full of ups and downs. We have been brave this weekend and watched as Leo took many walks outdoors. Where he has always been so clumsy on his feet, I have been just a little scared to ‘let go of the reins’.  Although it’s easy to forget he has only been walking properly for four months now.

On Saturday, (after Leo got a telling off for climbing up on a chair and splashing his hands in the fish tank- had to drop that in here somehow) Leo and I dropped Daddy off at the river to go fishing then headed back home to decide how we would fill our day. Leo was still poorly so I didn’t want to push him by means of taking him out anywhere too far. So we settled for a little movie in the morning with some homemade popcorn and I have to say, although I didn’t get to watch a single second of Sleeping Beauty, watching Leo eat (make a mess with) popcorn for the first time was far more entertaining.


Once we had tidied up the popcorn mess from the floor and hoovered all the cinnamon out of Leo’s hair, we had both found a new lease of energy. Leo was looking into the garden watching the birdies so I asked him if he would like to go for a little walk outside. Before I knew it, he’d shot off into the hallway, grabbed his shoes and sat on the stair waiting for me to put them on. I’ll take that as a yes then.

I debated taking the reins with us but figured I should probably try to discipline him a little and get him to hold onto Mummys hand. I didn’t plan to go too far anyway because of Leo’s runny nose but figured we could both use the fresh air, plus it was a beautiful sunny day. So off we went, on a little stroll up and round our culdesac. When it was safe to do so, I let go of Leo’s hand and watched as he ran along the pavements. I could barely look for fear of him falling over (overly cautious Mummy coming into play). He did amazingly well and didn’t fall over once which made me feel a whole lot more confident about letting him loose.


Once we had had our five minutes of fresh air, we walked back home. I didn’t even have to pick him up and carry him once. Score to me. We reached the front door and as I took my keys out my pocket to unlock the door, Leo shot off down the pathway back up the street. I had to go charging after him. Luckily we live in an abnormally quiet street and I managed to catch him before he hit the road!

When we eventually got inside, we warmed ourselves up with a little hot chocolate and a biscuit to dunk.


The rest of the afternoon, we sat and played and threw tantrums before it was time for Leo to take a nap and Mummy to cook the dinner. When Leo woke up around 4 o’clock, we hoped in the car and drove to pick Daddy back up from the river. He hadn’t had a very successful days fishing but we were happy to have him home.

Sunday soon came around and we had made plans to go shopping for a few things. We headed to Poole as they have an indoor shopping centre seen as the weather was to be a bit of a wash out. When we got their, we braved it again and let Leo loose without his reins but to keep hold of Mummy and Daddy’s’ hand. And that he did…


Instead of a fear of him falling over, this time I had a fear of losing him in a busy shopping centre. Luckily for us, being a Sunday, the shops were pretty quiet and between the two of us, we didn’t let Leo out of our sight. We took it in turns to run around a few aisles with Leo whilst the other had a browse (although it was mainly me doing the browsing and George doing the chasing). Then we stopped at a couple of those sit on toys they have randomly placed around shopping centres for kids enjoyment. Now I know they also help to keep parents sane.


It was nearing lunch time and I knew Leo was getting a bit cranky because he was hungry and tired so we had to finish up our shopping and head for some food. This meant getting Leo in his pushchair! Well I never. I have seen some tantrums in my short time as a mother, but this one topped them all.

After he launched a toy at an unsuspecting teenager (who kindly laughed it off and handed it back), lashed out and scratched Daddy in the head, then proceeded to scream the shop down; we thought it’d be best to leave as quickly as possible. So George made a b line for the exit whilst I paid for the goods at the till.

We got back to the car our hearts racing and our faces flushed from the embarrassment. We all sat and ate our lunch peacefully (thank goodness) then left to visit Leo’s Granny and Poppa.

With Poppa due to leave for France on Tuesday, we knew this would be his last opportunity to see Leo for a fortnight. They certainly made the most of their short visit together.


We got back home in time for dinner and ended the weekend on a high with Leo peeing on the carpet, drinking the soapy bubbles in his bath and sharting on his bath towel in my arms!

Happy weekend everyone.

Mummy Hazel & My Little Leo xxx