This weekend we have had a whole lot of tantrums in our household. It feels like we have entered the terrible twos already and Leo’s not even eighteen months old! Although they can be frustrating for us parents, I have to try and put myself in Leo’s shoes and understand from his perspective why he gets so mad. And I can see why. But it doesn’t make them or his behaviour any more acceptable.


Perseverance is the key. I have learnt of late that if I just leave Leo to throw his tantrum, he soon calms down by himself without me giving in and him getting his own way (even though it pulls at every single heart string to see him so frustrated).

We are going through one of those tricky periods at the moment where Leo really wants to tell us what he wants but he can’t say more than; “dada”, “what’s dat” and “dat, dat”. We get by mainly by gesturing. Leo points at something and we get it for him. We try to encourage his speech by telling him what everything is when he points at it but he won’t repeat anything yet. Thus leading to a bit of tough love.

When Leo wants something we have been trying to hold back a little in getting it for him straight away; trying to encourage “please” and “ta” or even saying the letter it begins with. When he doesn’t get what he wants straight away, he throws a tantrum.

The thrills of parenting.

Parenting is hard work but before too long, all the tough love should pay off. And if it doesn’t…then we will just have to change our tactics. After all, there are no rules when it comes to parenting.

Mummy Hazel & My Little Leo Xxx