Over the nearly eight years I have known my husband, I have come to terms that there will always be a few bumps and bruises in our lives. Mainly because he is a clumsy oaf! From the time he slipped and broke a rib on our coffee table, to the time he blew up his hand with a crow scarer and let’s not even mention the amount of times he has bumped or cut himself at work. (He’s an engineer so it’s inevitable, right?!) Now I just expect him to come home with a cut, a bruise or a burn.

And now of course we have a toddler who charges around the place at full speed crashing into things and pulling things over. Leo is currently modelling a nice purple bruise on his cheek from running full pelt into a chair and a small bruise on his back from when he tripped over Henry (the hoover) last weekend.

Every day I spend at home with my two there is always a scream of ‘ahhhh’ or a wail of ‘wahhhh’. Last night for example whilst I was out the house, somehow, Leo had managed to pull a dining room chair over onto Daddy’s foot which is now black and blue! I literally can’t leave them alone without someone getting hurt. It’s still early days but I’m thinking Leo’s going to grow up to be just like his Daddy.

It leads me to wonder, are some people just accident prone?

I think they could be. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Leo can turn things around and take after his super cautious Mummy. Seen as George doesn’t really fit the role, I feel like it’s my job to be the ‘careful’ parent. I’m always shouting “be careful”, “slow down”, “look where you’re going”; and that’s just to George.

Before I had Leo seventeen months ago, I rarely came across a bump or a bruise on my body and now I’m riddled with them! Half of them I have no clue how they even got there and others are blatant reminders of the torture I’ve endured in raising a toddler.

Tonight however I was caught off guard and I only have myself to blame. I had a slight lapse in my carefulness when I finished work and jumped into my car to get out of the rain, walloping my head off the door frame! Ouch. I now know exactly how Leo must feel every time I try to place him in his car chair and do the exact same thing to him. There must be a parenting technique for this? Or maybe a crash helmet?

Never the less, I can rest assure that I have many more bumps and bruises to look forward to. Be it myself, my husband or my little Leo, I am sure they will come in all their might. Can’t wait!

Mummy Hazel xxx

P.s. I still have a headache.