My little boy has been a bit poorly today. The startings of a cold I think. With this, comes the many side effects a Mummy learns to dread; sleepless nights, clingyness, crying, moaning, shouting and mischievousness! (Ok, so maybe the last one is just Leo on a regular basis). I really try hard to sympathise with him when he’s feeling unwell but he certainly doesn’t make things easy.

From the minute I woke up to Leo’s crying I knew I was in for a long day. It started off ok, Daddy fed Leo his breakfast and got him dressed before heading out to work. When I came downstairs for my breakfast, I decided to strap Leo back into his high chair so he could do some colouring whilst I ate in peace. Haa. No such luck Mummy. I sat next to him, fed him the odd spoon of porridge and passed him every crayon he shouted ‘dat’ at. But it wasn’t good enough. What he really wanted was for me to pass him his story book which I had left on the table from the night before so he could scribble all over that. No chance. This of course led to tears. Calm down Mummy.

I like to think I am a pretty positive person, always trying to encourage Leo and others to do well, but I find myself constantly saying; “no”, “don’t do that”, “stop it”, “that’s naughty”. (Why are toddlers so defiant?)

Once we had both calmed down from the colouring debacle, we dragged out the play tent and set about playing peekaboo and tickling each other. Leo giggled away for a good hour before he started to tire from all the tumbling around and shouting. Something had caught his eye out in the garden and he started shouting and pulling at my trousers to go and see what it was. When we looked out the patio doors we could see a cheeky squirrel on our bird feeder helping himself to all the peanuts we had put out for the birds. Leo was fascinated. His eyes stayed fixated on the squirrel for ages and he babbled away and waved as though he’d made a new friends. Of course Mr Squirrel had to go home at some point though. As he jumped up and over the fence, Leo’s lips started to tremble so I quickly diverted his attention to the birds flying past before another almighty uproar began.


As he stood and gazed happily out the window, I took the opportunity to run upstairs and grab a load of dirty washing to put on. I had just stepped out the living room when the water works started up and he came running after me. I told him calmly that “mummy will be back in two seconds”, but inevitably he continued to cry and scream until I came back downstairs.

Leo had been running back and forth all morning dragging out DVD’s from the DVD stand, so I gave in eventually and we put Disney’s UP on. Only for him to go back to the stand two seconds later and pull out yet another one. (I have now been playing this game all morning). Calm down Mummy.

He eventually snuggled in next to me for a good fifteen minutes before he dragged me back to the floor to tip out all his cars and tracks and shout at me to build a course (in baby language obviously, which involves a lot of pointing and shouting ‘dat, dat’). What is it with boys and their toys.

Thank goodness it was soon time for lunch. I was already exhausted and it wasn’t even midday. Leo followed me to the kitchen and held on to my legs, shouting some more, whilst I shuffled in an attempt to make us some lunch. Calm down Mummy.

After we had eaten our lunch and Leo had smeared cream cheese everywhere, I decided I needed five minutes of peace. So we got in the car just in time to meet Daddy for his lunch at work. I drove us to the local supermarket where I jumped out for a quick dash around the shop, leaving Leo and his Daddy in the car to eat Daddy’s lunch- Leo will eat anything in front of him. When I got back to the car, George had fed him some yogurt, some apple and a couple of cheese puffs. (Honestly, I was only gone five minutes).

When we got back home, I quickly unloaded the car with the shopping, chucked the washing in the tumble and then brought Leo in. By this point, I could tell he was tired. I could see his big blue eyes were heavy looking, but he for sure was not wanting to be put down to bed. I tried twice then gave up. I let him sit and play with this toys for a little longer until he started to get angry and throw tantrums with them all. I knew I had to persevere and put him down for a nap but just as he started to get comfy on the sofa, the letter box went and Leo got up like a shot and darted for the front door. Brilliant, he was now like a little excitable puppy again and I knew my chances of getting any housework done today were slipping away fast. Calm down Mummy.

I took Leo back to his bed after we opened the post and flicked through the leaflets, keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that this would surely be it. The moment of peace and quiet I’d been hoping for all day- dashed by the sound of Leo running around on the upstairs landing. And the tears began again! I ran upstairs, high tailed it over the stair gate and put him back in his bed. I’d made it back downstairs and started to tidy up the mess in the living room when I heard this funny noise in the hallway. I walked out and there he was, sliding down the stairs on his tummy with a mischievous glint in his eyes. I looked up and spotted that the top stair gate was open! I was horrified. How did he manage that.ย Calm down Mummy.

Half an hour later (see perseverance pays off) he eventually conked out next to me in his bed. He had gotten himself so worked up that he couldn’t fight the tired eyes any longer. Hallelujah.


After a much needed chocolate break, it’s time for some housework. Hello mountain of dishes and lovely spuds which I must prepare.

Wih any luck Leo will wake up slightly less shouty and will sit and eat his dinner nicely before bath time, a story and back to bed. Stay calm Mummy.

Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxx

A note to all Mummy’s. Stay calm. So long as you are doing your best, you are doing just fine in my books.