Today we went out for a family lunch as a belated birthday treat for Skye and a (slightly early) farewell meal for Dad. It wasn’t until we were all sat around the table that it suddenly occurred to me we had never been out for a family meal together with Leo (technically we had a drink together for my birthday a couple years ago whilst Leo was in my belly but I’m not sure that counts).

We went out to Carluccios in Brewery Square, Dorchester, and I was really anxious about how Leo would behave based on previous experiences. But I have to say, from the moment we entered the restaurant Leo behaved impeccably well. The waiter who was serving us was ever so friendly and brought Leo some bread sticks to eat whilst we all ordered and a little goody bag with some pencils and a colouring book in it. Such a genius way to occupy the boy who loves to colour…why have I not thought of this before?!


When our food arrived we took it in turns to feed Leo a spoonful of spaghetti (which was delicious by the way), but he started to get frustrated because he wasn’t able to feed himself. Luckily I had brought a spare bowl and spoon so I loaded it up and watched him attempt to scoop up strands of spaghetti and beef chunks. He then thought it would be a good idea to get his straw from his drink involved and tah dah, the new chopstick was born.


Needless to say it was far from a success and the whole bowl ended up getting hoofed across the table and onto the floor. Ok, so we had one minor mishap. Uncle Noel had finished his food and came over to entertain Leo for a minute whilst we finished of ours. They sat and drummed pencils on the table and scribbled a few pictures in the colouring book then his Poppa took over and they went for a little walk around the Deli. You can only contain a toddler in a high chair for so long before they need to be released.

We finished up our meal and left to head back to Mum and Dads for a glass of prosecco and to watch some old videos of us as children. I was really impressed that Leo managed to walk most of the way back with a little help from his Poppa and Uncle Noel.

Once we had all warmed up a little and a glass of prosecco was in hand, we sat back and watched at least an hours worth of old videos from when my brother and I were kids growing up in Saudi Arabia. I will spare you the pictures for now. We were amazed at the resemblance between my brother Noel as a child and Leo. It was really funny listening to our Scottish toned accents and some of the silly songs we sung (especially my hilarious rendition of a Christmas song I have never heard of in my entire life). We reminisced about the things we used to do and the places we used to visit. Then we (or maybe it was just me) found ourselves getting emotional watching some clips of relatives that have passed away. Videos I didn’t even know existed of my Great Grandma nearly brought tears to my eyes.

It made me realise that, although at the time we may have felt silly recording ourselves, we still have all those beautiful memories captured and stored for life to look back on and reminisce over our wonderful and fortunate life’s. It’s something I think we all take for granted. Blink and all of a sudden we will all be 90. I want Leo to be able to look back at videos of himself as a child and feel equally as mortified as I do now, but to realise that although people pass away and our life’s move on, memories will be saved and cherished forever.

Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxx