Weekends are just the best and this weekend has been no exception. It started off well with Leo giving his Mummy a nice long lie in until 8am on Saturday morning. Daddy was already up and out at work for the morning so it was just the two of us until lunchtime. We got up and dressed, had our breakfast then played all morning with every single toy we could find. Cars, planes, cows, footballs, blocks, tents and tunnels…the list could go on but I think you get the picture. We even had time to sit and watch The Lion King (kind of).

The plan was to be ready to go out to do the weekly food shop the minute Daddy got home from work so we made lunch for everyone and managed to scoff ours before Daddy got back. After Daddy then finished his lunch he ran upstairs to get changed for going out when I noticed a missed call and a text message from my dad asking if Leo would like to go for a sleepover with his Granny and Poppa that night? Of course I said yes! After a few sleepless nights and a heck of a lot of tantrums, I figured George and I could do with a little break.

It took us an extra hour to get ourselves ready and pack a sleepover bag for Leo but we rushed out the door in an attempt to get him there before he fell asleep. (That way he would nap for a good hour or so at his grandparents). Unfortunately he fell asleep in the car on the way. It becomes rather difficult to scoop him out the car and put him back down to bed without waking him, let alone the fact that when we got there he recognised the house and his little eyes lit up. His Granny answered the door and he was so happy to see her he gave her a great big smile then went charging through to the living room to see who else was in. He found his Poppa and gave him a hug then charged around the living room looking for things to play with. Of course the first thing he went for was the magical control which changed the colour of their lamps to different colours of the rainbow.

George and I were keen to head out to the shops so we could then head home and get ready to go out for a meal. We left Leo playing hide and seek with his Poppa and Uncle Noel and got on our way. I always feel guilty leaving Leo behind but I was really grateful to have a night off and I planned on making the most of it. With the food shop done we headed back home. On the way back I booked a table at TGI Fridays through in Poole. George and I had been talking about going there for a good few months now as we hadn’t been for a very long time. So we seized this opportunity to go and stuff our faces. And that we did!

After some starters, a huge burger each and an excessively large cocktail on my behalf, we thought it would be best to head home. You know things are bad when you have to unzip your jacket because you can’t breathe!

It was so nice to have a night out as husband and wife rather than Mummy and Daddy. Although the whole evening I found myself drawn to this little boy sitting a couple of tables away who looked ages with Leo. He was sat so nicely eating dinner with his Mummy and Daddy (which Leo would never do- trust me we’ve tried) and it made me constantly think about what my little boy was up to and if he was behaving himself. Which suddenly made me think…I had forgotten Leo’s high chair! Oops. I knew that mum and dad would have improvised but I sent them a message anyway apologising for forgetting it.

When we got back home we were both suffering from a serious food coma. We went to bed and put on a movie but struggled to keep our eyes open throughout. It was nice to be able to relax and not worry about shutting the stair gate or putting on the night light (which I made George put on anyway) or being woken in the night by crying. I was so looking forward to a good nights sleep and a nice long lie in but my body has stupidly set itself to wake up at least once through the night and at 6 o’clock in the morning! I managed to drift back off to sleep but by 8am George and I were wide awake thinking of all the housework that needed doing before Leo got dropped off home. We bit the bullet, got up and straight to it…after a cheeky bacon sandwich and a cup of tea, or two.

By the time mum had sent me a message to say they were on their way, we had cleaned the bathrooms, hoovered upstairs, tidied downstairs, put on a load of washing and removed a side of Leo’s cot. Oh yes, I was feeling courageous and in a haste I summoned George to the garage for an Allen key to turn Leo’s cot into a big boy bed!

George was out in the garage having a quick tidy up when I noticed mum and dad’s car pull up on the drive. They got out and started to unload the car with all of Leo’s stuff. I knew in an instant that Leo was asleep because they were trying to be quiet. We brought everything in and quickly put his bedding back in his bed whilst dad got Leo out the car. I grabbed Leo from dad and gave him a big squish but he was very sleepy still so I took him up to his bed and led him down unsure of how he would react to his cot now being open. Of course within seconds I heard him bumping away. Mum and Dad left and I went up to see what he was doing. Much to my surprise he was still sat in his bed. I went in and said hello and he glared at me all sleepy eyed. He soon realised that I wasn’t peering in at him through bars anymore. He slid himself to the edge of his bed and cautiously hoped out. (The bed is really low to the ground so he didn’t have far to jump). I let him have a look around and tried to explain to him that he was now going to sleep in a big boy bed but he was too busy pointing up at his book shelf shouting “dat, dat!”.

I brought him downstairs with a book in hand and we sat and read it together on the floor. We then played Leo’s favourite, colouring, whilst Daddy prepared his lunch. After lunch I could tell Leo really was tired and I started to doubt that taking the side off his cot was a good idea. But I persevered, took him up and tucked him in. After a minute I heard him running about in the hall way so George went upstairs and tucked him back in. There was a few more bumps but after another couple minutes he went quiet. I was convinced he would be sat upstairs playing with something although I limited the amount of toys available to him in his room. I crept upstairs to find him sound asleep, all be it sideways and on top of his blanket.


It’s now nearing his bedtime again and I have all my fingers and toes crossed that he will go down well, won’t fall out and won’t come running in to scare me in the middle of the night!

Wish us luck.

Hope you all had as good a weekend as we did.

Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxx