Another day of work for Mummy today. At least Leo managed to sleep through the night, woohoo! We woke up slightly later than normal when George realised he hadn’t set the alarm. In a panic we both leaped out of bed in the hope we could get ready quickly before Leo stirred but of course that would have been too easy. As soon as I stood up I heard the bumping and banging in Leo’s room. I went in to find him lying with his legs up against the headboard of his cot, kicking away. I said my usual “good morning baby boy” and picked him up for a cuddle and lots of kisses.

By the time I had changed his nappy, got him dressed and helped brush his teeth I was already running 20 minutes later than normal. (Why won’t he ever brush his teeth nicely- any tips or tricks much appreciated.) Daddy fed Leo his breakfast and packed the bags with our lunches whilst I got myself ready for work, then we all jumped into the car and off we went. We always drop Daddy off at work first then drive around the corner to Granny and Grandad’s house where Leo spends the day whilst Mummy works.

I love getting my updates throughout the day with how Leo has been getting on and what he’s been up to. Today’s message came through just after lunch to say that he absolutely loved whatever was in his sandwich. This made me chuckle as it was ham and sandwich pickle and I had visions of him pulling it apart and licking off all the pickle. Delicious mess! But apparently he loved it so much he couldn’t shovel it into his mouth fast enough.

My next update came from George when he had gone to pick Leo up. He sent me a picture of Leo with stickers all over his face that his Granny had given him. Leo’s Great Granny was also there and had brought Leo a naughty treat of milky buttons. (Jealous).

When I arrived back home this evening, Leo was already sat at the dinner table waiting patiently for his food to be dished up. I ran up to him and blew a big raspberry on his chin which made him laugh. We sat down to dinner and talked about our days. George told me that Leo had been very good for his Granny with just a few tears because of his teeth bothering him. He has been rubbing his ear most of the day and trying to bite things to relieve the pain. It must be so horrible for them to have all those teeth pierce through their delicate gums.

After dinner I took Leo up for a quick bath before milk and snuggles on the sofa. He was really cheeky and kept giggling at ‘Upsy Daisy’ on the tele. Daddy managed to catch him waving night night to ‘Iggle Piggle’ with a big grin on his face.


Now he has gone down to bed, it’s time to have a quick tidy up then on with the running shoes! Yes everyone you read correct. Running shoes. I haven’t owned a pair of trainers since high school but this year (after gaining a few unwanted lbs at Christmas) I decided it was time to change. Embrace the new me and attempt to get fit and eat healthier. It’s going well so far. I’ve been out for two runs this week already and I’ve even eaten two salads…amongst a few cheeky chocolate bars (minor detail). I can’t say I’ve noticed the podge around my middle shift just yet but then again I’ve only made it to the top of my street so far (another minor detail). I’m not going to let the gloomy, cold weather defeat me. I will stay strong, focused and determined to become a better me.

Wish me luck!

Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxx