Thursday 12th January

Last night Leo went to bed at his usual time of 7pm. After Mummy and Daddy had eventually drifted off to sleep themselves we were woken by crying from his bedroom at 12.15am (oh the joys, how I love broken sleep). I crept into his room to try and settle him but every time I led him back down he cried and jumped back up. I stupidly decided to lift him out his cot and give him a cuddle in an attempt to console him. Clearly, this was not the smartest of ideas as he definitely would not go back into his cot.

After a few failed attempts at laying him back down in his bed, I gave in and brought him into bed with us (I couldn’t bare to stand any longer, half asleep, swaying back and forth with a giant lump in my arms). It took just over an hour for him to eventually fall asleep in our bed so I attempted to carry him back through to his room so I could finally get some rest. But oh no, he was only pretend sleeping! No sooner than I had reached the hall when he decided he definitely did not want to go back in his room. I tried once and gave in again. (I’ll do anything for some sleep). After another half an hour and a now cranky Daddy, George decided enough was enough and he was going to put him back in his own bed. Boom. Out like a light! Why wouldn’t he do that for me. *crying face*. At least I could hope for a lie in after he eventually settled around 2am.

6.15am- “Daddy, daddy, dada, daaaaadddddy”. George, that’s your queue. (I’m kind of thankful he doesn’t say Mummy very often). I led in bed half asleep whilst George got up with Leo, got himself ready for work and sorted out breakfast but before I could get too comfy it was time for George to leave and Mummy duties to commence. Our morning routines are always the same. George get’s up, feeds Leo his breakfast, I get dressed for the day then when George heads out to work I pour myself some breakfast and attempt to eat it all before Leo see’s me and comes mooching over. 9 times out of 10 this is a huge fail on my behalf. So here he is helping himself to Mummy’s breakfast.


Due to it being a bit of a miserable day (and complete knackered-ness), I decided we would have a lazy PJ day…after I had tidied up the house a little. We sat on the floor after breakfast and coloured some more pictures of Santa in Leo’s giant colouring book. Yes, I know Christmas is over. I could tell Leo was starting to lose interest a little and I really needed to hoover so I asked Leo if he wanted to help Mummy with Henry (the hoover) and he went running to the cupboard under the stairs. AMAZING- who knew a toddler would actually, willingly, want to help hoover. Not only did he help me with this chore, but he then followed me into the kitchen where I had a basket of washing sat on the floor ready to be put on. He saw me lifting the clothes into the washing machine and came over; picked some out the basket and passed them to me. INCREDIBLE. I should show him how to wash the dishes as well.


Once we had finished the house work and had a bit of a tidy up, we settled down in front of the television and put on a movie. (Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, just in case you were wondering). Leo sat comfortably for a good half an hour before he started to get fidgety. I prayed he might be tired due to his lack of sleep last night and took him up to his bed for a lie down. I just reached the bottom of the stairs when he flung his door open and burst into floods of tears. Dammit. I knew it was too good to be true.

I brought him back downstairs along with a box of craft making bits and bobs and we sat down at the table to make a birthday card for Auntie Kye Kye next week. Leo insisted I took everything out the box so he could have a good rummage and see what was there. (Skye, I can only but apologise in advance for your card from Leo).


We sat sticking, gluing and colouring for a good hour before it was then lunchtime. We tidied up our mess and got ready for lunch. Leo had pasta shapes with toast to dunk in the sauce and I had some cheese on toast…which of course Leo had to try as well. I’m rather impressed with his new found feeding skills at the moment. At dinner time I’m now able to eat a few spoonful’s of my own dinner warm without having to shovel food into Leo’s mouth at great speed.

With lunch eaten and our tummy’s full it was finally time for a nap. Leo went down well after a few bumps and bangs in his cot and I led back on the sofa with a book and some much needed chocolate. I could have easily fallen asleep myself but I knew if I did I would be the one waking up cranky! Leo only napped for just over an hour when he woke up crying once again. We sat cuddled on the sofa for a little while before Leo started pointing at the electric fireplace saying “what’s dat?”. So I switched it on and gave him free reign of the remote. His little face was so excited by the colour changing background and he even started to stomp his feet with joy. He does this all the time at his Granny and Poppa’s house with their colour changing lamps.


He soon handed me back the remote and found himself some books to read before trashing my living room once more by emptying the contents of all his toy boxes. I will take a picture some when but I am ashamed by the sheer volume of toys he has accumulated between his birthday and Christmas so it will just have to wait for another day. Daddy arrived home from work just in time for me to cook dinner which was delicious. A new pasta recipe from one of Gino’s books which I had to tweak a little because I didn’t have all the ingredients. None the less we all scoffed it down and Leo wanted seconds from Mummy’s plate.

After a little more playtime with Daddy, a story and some cuddles it was soon time for bed. George took him to do his teeth whilst I was typing away only to discover a new tooth peaking through. So that would explain last night!  Fingers crossed for a better nights sleep tonight.

Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxx