Today we went on a little trip to visit our friends in Weymouth. It was a well overdue trip as we hadn’t met up with them since May last year, woops! I went to school with my friend Hannah and even worked with her for a few years in a retail store so we have been pretty close. We lost touch for a while when we both moved on with work but we had both fallen pregnant around the same time and gave birth to out babies back in 2015. Hannah had a beautiful baby girl who is 3 months older than Leo and we met up a lot whilst we were pregnant and after the babies were born.

I loved that Hannah was 3 months ahead of me as she always told me what was yet to come. When we met up whilst we were pregnant we would swap stories on all our new found ailments. Hannah had it pretty rough with the morning sickness side of things whilst I just had leaky boobs and a sore pelvis. As our bumps grew bigger and Hannah neared her due date, I sat back and watched as her waddling become more obvious. It was soon time and I remember being at work when I opened Facebook to news that Hannah had delivered her baby early! I was in shock. I don’t know why, but it hit me hard that she had now become a mummy and it was soon to be my turn.

When I went to visit Hannah after her baby had been born I found it very surreal that she had this beautiful tiny baby that had been growing in her belly for so long. I held her baby for the first time and it felt so natural (despite the fact I had a massive bump in the way). She had the cutest little face and I remember Hannah saying to me that she liked to be sat more upright which is why she was a bit squirmy (that could have just been Leo kicking her inside my belly though). Hannah told me all about her birth which I was terrified would put me off but inevitably it was going to happen. She actually managed to keep my mind positive and focus on the fact that at the end of all the hard ordeal I too would have a beautiful baby to hold in my arms.

After Leo arrived, it took a little while to pluck up the courage to get out the house on my own with a new born and visit Hannah and her baby girl again. But we made it eventually. We met up a few times and took our babies for walks along the beach in their pushchairs, exchanging stories on their developmental milestones they had reached. Again this used to entertain and excite me because I knew I had lots to look forward to in the coming months.

Our babies soon reached their first birthday’s and we hadn’t met up since then so when we finally got round to a good old catch up today it was fascinating to see how each of them had grown and how their small age gap had now dissipated. At first they were both a bit shy but by the end of the day they were more intrigued by what each other were up to. They even pretended to play in a band together!



It was so lovely to meet up with our friends and we really won’t leave it so long next time. I think it’s important to surround yourself with mummy friends as they are the ones who truly understand what you are going through at this huge milestone in your life. They will grow with you and face the same struggles in their daily life as you but most importantly they will be there to support you in your times of need.

Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxx