Family is everything! Or at least it is for me.

Having moved around the world with my family; experiencing, discovering and learning new things every day as a child, I now find myself in the position of having my very own family (as you’ve probably already guessed) to experience, discover and learn with and from.

I am super close to my parents and my siblings which probably comes as a result of being brought up without any of our wider family near by. And I love that. Although I miss my extended family, technology has made it extremely easy to stay in touch with everyone (it still doesn’t beat a good hug though). We try to visit our relatives as often as we can although some are harder to reach than others *cough, cough- New Zealand*.  And even if we don’t stay in touch as often as we probably should, I know that every single one of them will be there for me when I need them.

My parents and sister are soon to embark on a new adventure abroad and although it will be sad to wave them goodbye, I know it won’t be long until I will see them again. And when I do I will squeeze them so hard they might just pass out! In the mean time I will still have my brother to pester and my new family to watch out for me. I feel so lucky to have married into such a large, loving and caring family. Leo is blessed with so many people who care for him and I know his Granny and Grandad Cairns especially love it when he comes to play…which he does three times a week!

My whole life, I have been brought up by my parents who love and care for me much in the way that I now do with my own son. It is still surreal to me sometimes that I am in fact a Mummy (odd you may say as he is now 16 months old). My only aspirations are that Leo will grow up much the way I did with his mummy and daddy to hold his hand and guide him through the maze of life. To give him support and advice when he needs it most and to always be there with a shoulder to cry on. But most importantly to love him so much that he will never want to leave home. (Joke!)

I took a little time the other day to sit and fill out Leo’s baby book so that he would have something to look back on and I came across the first message I had written for him when he was only a couple months old.


Shamefully, this is true. I am and always will be one of those mothers that smothers their child in kisses right into their teen years!

I then decided to draw out Leo’s family tree of his immediate family.


I hope that one day, Leo will look back at this blog and his family tree and be reminded of all the people that are/were in his life who love him the most. I love my family, old and new and I cannot wait to see my Little Leo grow up to start his very own.

Mummy Hazel xxx