We got off to a fairly slow start this morning with Leo sleeping in until 8.15am. Woo, an actual lie in on a weekend. Due to this little luxury, we woke up feeling nice and refreshed so we decided to treat ourselves and cook a full on fry up (minus the bacon because I forgot to buy any). I think this came as a bit of a shock to Leo as he’s only ever had cereal or toast for breakfast. It didn’t phase him too much as he got tucked right in and scoffed the lot within half an hour.


With our bellies full we decided to get out the house and go shopping. (Mummy’s favourite pastime…until Leo came along). We ventured further than we normally would and ended up in Street at a big designer outlet.

We parked up the car and set on our way; pram, change bag and baby in tow. As we made our way into the first shop, Leo decided it would be a good idea to throw a strop because he wanted to be put down for a walk (fair enough, he had spent nearly an hour stuck in his car seat). The only trouble with this is, he won’t stand still!!! Whilst Daddy was busy looking for a new pair of jeans, I was dragged around the store by a curious 1 year old trying to pull everything off the shelves and the hangers.

I remember the days before Leo came along where I would walk into a store and moan about everyone else’s children running riot around the stands that I was trying to look at. Well, now it’s my child running riot. And I fully understand the frustrations of a parent trying to tame their child.

In an attempt to actually have a look at something myself whilst Daddy tried on some jeans, I coaxed Leo into his pram with a banana wafer. Good plan I hear you say. Haa, if only it was that simple. The banana wafer was devoured within seconds which left me with a screaming toddler trying to escape his pram for some more food. Yes, the wafer suddenly signaled lunchtime.

After we managed to escape the clothing store without anyone telling us off (just a few frustrated looks from shoppers) we wandered the streets, walking past shop after shop that I really wanted to have a peruse in but couldn’t face the thought of my Little Leo destroying the place. So instead we headed straight for the one shop I knew we needed to visit. The shoe shop! Leo needed his feet measured and I wanted to look for some new ankle boots.

We enetred the shop and queued up for Leo to have his feet measured. When we got to the front of the queue, the lady measuring everyone’s feet insisted on Leo getting out his pram to sit on my lap to have his feet measured. Why?! This led to further complications trying to get him back into his pram! So we let him walk around the shop for a bit in his socks whilst we hunted for some shoes in his size. Could we find any? No. Not one single pair.

After coaxing Leo back into his pram for a second time with some more food, I managed to have a quick look for some shoes for myself. I couldn’t find any boots, but I did find two new pairs of heels! Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I have a bit of an obsession with shoes, as I’m sure most women do. I had over 100 pairs at one point but we probably shouldn’t get into that. Daddy fed Leo his lunch in a quiet part of the shoe shop (the men’s department) whilst I paid for my new shoes.

We then left the shop, Leo with his tummy full and a new found energy inside him, and headed for another shop to find some work trousers for myself. We had to let Leo out his pram for another walk about in the hope that he would soon feel sleepy and leave us in peace to have a good shop. Wishful thinking. After running riot AGAIN around the shop and Daddy struggling to control him, I decided enough was enough and we headed back to the car. Within minutes of him being buckled in Leo fell straight asleep. Typical.

If you are the proud owner of a toddler but need to go shopping for yourself, then my advice to you is this. Leave them at home! (With a responsible adult of course).

Much love, Mummy Hazel and My Little Leo xxx