Today Leo, his Granny and I took a trip to one of Dorset’s great attractions. Monkey World. Before we even entered the park we heard a couple of monkeys screeching loudly which, as expected, brought on the water works. Leo gets upset at the sound of my hair dryer going on so an unfamiliar sound just reduces him to tears.

We arrived just as the park was opening so there was only half a dozen cars parked up. We bought our tickets, entered the park and swiftly diverted our direction past the howling monkeys to the other end of the park to begin our monkey viewing experience.


We headed for the Chimpanzees which were all snuggled up indoors as it has been a bit of a wet and dreary day. One chimp particularly caught Leo’s eye as he swung through the enclosure to grab a towel which he wrapped himself up in and snuggled on down in a little bed of straw.

We walked around some more of the park trying to spy all the different monkeys when we came across a couple of Gibbons swinging high up in the tree tops. As we walked past their indoor enclosure, one of them came swinging in which made us all jump. She was a bit of a show off but when the camera came out she went all shy so Granny walked away and managed to capture this image of us waving hello to her.

Saying hello to Kim, the golden-cheeked Gibbon.

We were starting to get a bit chilly so we headed for a hot drink and a little snack. We had a chocolate brownie each which FYI, were the best brownies we had ever tasted. If you have never been to Monkey World before then I would go for the brownie alone (although it would probably be the worlds most expensive brownie by the time you’ve  paid for entry into the park plus the brownie itself, haha).

We finished up our drinks and headed off round the rest of the park. We got to one monkey who was chomping away at a slice of apple whilst staring at Leo and fluttering her eyelids. One of the park keepers told us that the monkey was “feeling flirty”, so we moved on quickly!!!

The next bit of the park took us on a long walk down a hill towards a giant climbing area for children (and adults) where we passed through another enclosure full of Capuchins. Leo was most fascinated as one of them kept running back and forth and jumping up at him in the window to say hello. (You can watch a little video over on Instagram @hazeleo5). Every time I tried to drag him away from the viewing window he kept running back.

We finished off our visit with a bit of puddle jumping and a spot of lunch. We always have such a good time at Monkey World Dorset so if you have never been before then chuck it on your to do list.

Here are a few snaps from our visit.


You can see some more pictures of our day out on Instagram @hazeleo5.

Thanks for reading and keep monkeying about.

Mummy Hazel, My Little Leo and Granny xxx