So I have this little sister, Skye. She was the one who suggested I start this blog. She’s eight and a half years younger than me. She got the beauty, I got the brains (or so I let her think, haha). I’ve been in her life from day one and she won’t be able to shift me easily.

As her sister, I’m her number one fan. I’m always there to support her, protect her and give her my advice. Just as she is for me.

Today she had the great delights of babysitting her little nephew. I can’t tell you exactly how it went, but I can give you a climpse into their day.


I had only been at work for 45 minutes when I received my first text message which read “Oh, this boy!” I just laughed. I picked up the phone and gave her a call to find out what was going on. She explained that he was being really naughty and kept touching things he wasn’t allowed to. Haha, welcome to my life. I told her to try and entertain him with anything she could find and they soon settled down to some colouring.

An hour later I received another message which read “He did a poo in pull ups how the f*** do I do this.” Oh my how I laughed at this one. I picked up the phone again only this time she answered with “it’s ok, I’m doing it, I ripped the nappy down the sides” *claps* I knew she wasn’t that useless. After a few ‘eurgh’s’ and ‘blurgh’s’ s’ I hung up, only to receive this picture afterwards.


Well at least he has a clean bum. I know how to deal with the struggles of the nappy change but Auntie Kye Kye, not so much so.

I went back to check up on them at lunchtime and they were getting along just fine, sat at the dinner table eating his lunch. Before I left again I could tell he was getting tired so he snuggled in next to his Auntie Kye Kye on the sofa with a blanket. By the time she had finally gotten him to fall asleep up in his Granny’s bed, his Poppa had arrived home to relieve her from her duties (only briefly).


They continued to play throughout the day until Mummy was back to take him home. I know it can be tricky to look after a little tearaway but she can’t be doing that bad a job because he is always so excited to see her the next time. Auntie Kye Kye, you are my favourite.

So when I think of my little sister and all the times I have been there to care for her, I remember that she is now returning the favour in looking after my Little Leo. I love you and thank you for being the best little sister a big sister could ask for.