So here it goes….my first blog. I have no idea what I’m doing or how this will even turn out but my guess is it will resemble something of a diary???

I spend so much time on the internet that I figured why not make the use of that time and tell all you lovely people about our daily adventures in Dorset. So I guess I should start off with a little bit about myself and my family…but not too much, I’ll keep little elements of surprise to keep you all glued.

I’m a 25 year old mum of one and wife of one! I work part time because I have to but when I’m not working I spend as much time as I can with my gorgeous boys; George my husband and as you may have already guessed Leo, my son.

I was born in Scotland and travelled and lived all over the world as a child. I then wound up here in Dorset with my mum, dad and younger brother and sister. Went through education blah, blah, blah, fell in love, married my husband, bought a house and created a magnificent human being; my little Leo. And here we are today, 1 year 3 months and 28 days after the most amazing and painful day of my life.

We have had a busy old day today. After Leo throwing a hissy fit because he couldn’t take the rubbish out with daddy in his pj’s, we decided to get dressed, put on our walking shoes and head out for a stroll. In an attempt to get fit and have some fun we headed for the play park. Leo’s only been walking a matter of months so as you can guess he’s still a tad wobbly on his feet. When we got there the park was deserted as expected as the ground was still frozen and the swings were still damp….didn’t stop us!

When we got back home, we stripped off our wet, muddy clothes, got changed into our comfy’s and I made us a round of hot chocolates to warm up (Leo’s first ever and he LOVED it- there’s a surprise!) After, Leo and I decided to get our artistic juices flowing and opened the box of ‘decorate your own egg cups’ which Leo was given as a gift from his Auntie, whilst daddy sat back and watched. Eek, messy and short lived but with a very colourful outcome.

We were soon tidied up, lunch was devoured and a nap was had (just by Leo, honest). After playtime and a now bomb site of a living room, we are all sat snuggled on the sofa watching a movie…well Daddy’s watching, Leo’s jumping up and down next to him and I’m writing this.

If you are still reading and I haven’t bored you all to death then thank you and come back soon for more in the adventures of my Little Leo in Dorset. You can also follow us on instagram for daily pics @hazeleo5.

See you soon x